~We have carefully celected only the freshest and finest organically grown safty rice.~


In the mountain area in Kyoto, as farmers use a clear stream from the mountain,they make every effort to cultivate a finest organic rice.
Because of this low temperature ,fresh air and clean water,Umami and nutrition are condensed.
This is the most suitable place where the rice has grown carefully.



After harvesting the rice, farmers start to be ready for the next season.
First,they start to make their soil good condition for stiring by tractors, applying
only organic fertilizer, which is equivalent to 1t per 1,000 square meters.
And then…the soil turns solidification into soft.


In May,here comes the time for planting.
From June -July,stalk of rice has grown steadily. At this moment, farmers put
organic fertilizer in order for a stalk to support a heavy ear of rice.


Before the harvest, they put so heavy organic fertilizer on their back for the sake of give them for the last.

There comes the long-awaited Harvest!

High density rice is havested in Oct.
They stored in the Warehouse which keeps 10-13℃ in order to keep the quality fresh.

Certificated 1 grade for rice quality by JA(Japan Agricultural Cooperatives)

Special rice

They have been given the 1st grade certification from JA, and they are required by sampling, such as the Cracking, the moisture content.
In whole this area, farmers are associated for the purpose of preserving the reliable way of cultivation.
Farmers miling rice just before shipping so that you can have fresh rice whenever you want.

~Regarding Special cultivation rice~

This cultivation is base on reducing use of the chemosynthetic pesticide and manure.
The purpose is that an ability of the production drived from property of the soil is inspired as well as of helping to reduce negative effects on the environment.


  1. 1.The use number of times of the pesticide is less than half of the custom.
  2. 2.Quantity of nitrogen ingredient of the artificial manure is less than half of the custom.

We take it for granted to clear this standard as well as to deal with nothing but rice which use 100% no chemical pesdicide and only use selected organic fertilizer.


Shari: Vinegared rice



★rice vinegar
a little

How to make

  1. 1)Put together all of ★materials before rice is cooked.
  2. 2)Rice is steamed for about 5min. And mix the ★①materials gently.

Oshizushi: sushi rice and other ingredients pressed in box or mould (mold)



★vinegared rice
★dried shitake mushrooms
shiitake mashuroom
soy sauce
1.5 tablespoon
a pinch
a pinch
string beans
3-4 pieces
salmon roe
anything that you want to decorate

How to make

  1. 1)add sesame into vinegared rice
  2. 2)boil shiitake mashuroom with sugar and soy sauce.
    and slice the into 4-5mm.
  3. 3)make Kinshitamago (thinly shredded egg omelet)
  4. 4)string beans is boiled with a pinch of solt, and cut
    cut into long thin strips.
  5. 5)Put rice 1.5cm in a container
  6. 6)Put mashuroom, string beans or other decorations on ⑤.
  7. 7)pile rice to the full of the container.
  8. 8)to make flower, put salmon roe and string beans for leaves.

Rice Ball

Rice ball


2cups(for 6 pieces)
★Example ingredients
Pickled plum, Salted sea tangle, Fried salmon

How to make

  1. 1)wash rice gently and soak rice in water for 2 hours.
  2. 2)When rice si cooked, open a cover without steaming it.Using a rice paddle, mix softly.
  3. 3)On a dish,put rice and spread a little.
  4. 4)In that rounded form of rice, put a filling, whatever you like.
  5. 5)Here is the point that you should keep your hans wet, take a pich of solt in your hand.
  6. 6)Rice will nigiri while hot.Nigiri should be slightly rhythmically. Without excessiveforce, use the palm and fingers, while turing a rice ball.