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Bearing connection

Various bearings made in  Taiwan or China.

We will suggest low-priced bearing in a high quality for needs of cuatomers.
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Our products

grease,rust preventive oil, quenching oil, industrial grinding stone, steel wire for rivet,
various machine tools, measuring instrument, seals or retainers for a bearing parts
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Koshihikari from Kyoto

This Special cultivate rice is not used chemical fertilizers at all, and it is grown in pesticide reduction.
~Certificated 1 grade for rice quality by JA(Japan Agricultural Cooperatives)~

Mandarin Orange in Wakayama

Thanks to the marine climate, in Wakayama, the quantitiy of production for the mandarin orange is the top
in Japan. Especially, in Arida area, it is famous for high quality Mandarin Orange. It's cultivation goes back to ages.

Nara, Yamato tea of pesticide-free, pure organic farming.

This tea contains totally no pesticide, and purely 100% Organic hand made Japanese tea.
We proposed if you really think about your health, drinking Real Organic tea.

The handmade soy sauce which was particular about a genuine article.

With only manually production ,using 100% selected ingredients.
Never used any additives of Chemical seasoning, Coloring, Mold preventive, preservative,
alcohpl addition.

The consciousness to Japanese meal is rapidly changing and we from Asia, Europe,etc. are required to introduce true Japanese domestic food. Awareness of domestic food has also increased. A thought of Slow Food, Organic, Mcrobiotec have infilterated individuals. All products we have is that producers handle the products with such an idea. Still in Japan, there is healthy domestic diet. We believe the saying "You are what you eat." We believe the choice of what we eat for everydays should lead a deep connection with how we live. Please let us introduce you to truely healy ingredients in Japan.